Travel Diaries: Seattle

Aloha from Seattle! We were lucky enough to head up to the PNW for an extended work trip and Washington sure came out to play. It was beautiful, perfect weather. The sights were fantastic and it was such a great time. These pictures were from the weekend spent exploring the city. We snagged a parking spot close to Pikes (careful about parking tickets, apparently they give those out quite freely in Seattle), and spent the rest of the day walking.

First stop was Pike’s Market. It was completely jammed with people. The line to the original Starbucks was at least 100 people deep. The poor cars that were silly enough to try to find parking right next to the market were engulfed by the throngs. Our last trip to Washington was in the rainy spring so it was extra special to see the flowers and cherries in season. We ended that adventure watching the fishmongers tease the crowds with the monkfish they would jerk to life if anyone got to close.