Perfect Headshots!

Do you have an old headshot? Even worse, do you have a selfie or other quickly taken picture masquerading as your “professional” look? Its time to change that! You can no longer be represented int hat way. Instead you need to present a perfectly polished look that can do everything from snag a new job to impress potential clients. Take a look at Linked In and see how many people just need to get in front of a professional photographer and do it right. 

As you’re searching for the right person to give you your new look, make sure you pick someone who takes the time to get to know you. If your picture is going to speak 1,000 words, your photographer needs to know what words you want that picture to say. What is your business? Who is your ideal client? What appeals to that type of person when they look for a business relationship? How do you want to brand and market yourself? These are all critical to what you want to say with your headshot. 

If you loved what we talked about today, please share this link with your network. We see way too many headshots that are not helping people achieve their goals. And if YOU need to update your look, please give us a call and schedule an appointment!